Supplements 💊

I'm a huge supplement nerd, and I can't help spending hours studying ingredients, reading reviews, and comparing unit costs for all the supplements I buy.  Now you don't have to! 


Activated Charcoal 

Mops up Lipopolysaccharides produced by stressed gut bacteria during a fast, which makes you feel better and lowers inflammation, also helps get rid of toxins stored in fat cells as they are released. 

MCT Oil 

An incredible tool for giving you energy and suppressing hunger without breaking your fast.  Makes the fast much easier, especially if you need to work/get things done. Dose is 1-3 teaspoons in coffee or just by itself. Pure C8 MCTs have the highest + easiest conversion into Ketones. The one with C8/C10 is fine too and is cheaper, you can try both and see if you notice a difference.  For me it was pretty similar. Bulletproof brand is nice, but is $1.68/oz. Below are ones I’ve bought:

Prebiotic Fiber

Great for feeding good gut bacteria and taking away hunger during a fast.  A good overall tool for maintaining a healthy gut